From Our Hands To Your Home

"Handmade and Vintage"  is a place where it is our hope you will find something for your home and gardens that we have either made with our hands or have held in our hands through thrifting.  You will notice that none of our items are priced.  In today's economy we believe it's time to bring back the "Haggling" or politically correct "pricing discussion".  If you see something you are interested in please go to the Contact Us page or email us at and let's get our "Haggle On!"

Feel free to Haggle about colors and wording too!

Cast all apprehension aside about starting the haggling, just comment what you would pay for an item and we will go from there.  Keeping if fun!

Check back often as new items are added every few days, sub-pages under the pages.

**At this time shipping is only available in the United States and Canada**